Global Lifting and Docking Equipment


Our company are now operating under Global Lifting and Docking Equipment, an installer of Passenger Lifts, Escalators, Dumb waiters, Goods Hoists , pallet inverters, yard ramps, dock levellers. We supply, install, maintain and repair all of our own equipment as well as having the knowledge and expertise to repair all other makes of Elevators.

Our company complies with the 1545 of the S.A.N.S (S.A.B.S) and safety standard. We can supply and install one of the most advanced elevator systems in South Africa with esteemed leading customer service and support. We work closely with Construction Companies, Architects and many other professionals to ensure we deliver what the client wants.

Vision Statement

We Aim:

To claim a significant market shares in the Elevator and Escalator industry in South Africa.

We will be the Company that cares about the environment and find ways to better manage power usage.

Be the industry’s Champion of change and flexibility through caring for Customers, Colleagues & Staff.

Enjoy making the world of Elevators a sustainable, profitable & memorable environment for everyone.

Mission Statement

By maintaining the highest standard of integrity towards our Clients,

Consistently setting the highest standards in Service,

Focusing on achieving all tasks both for the Company and our Clients

Performing as the Best South African manufacturing & maintenance Company,

We will be the Company of choice

Scope of Work 

Our Equipment is manufactured in South Africa, and is built to the highest international standards with relevant certifications. Fault finding diagnosis is built in. We keep a wide range of spares of all our equipment as well as other makes of lifts. Our technical staffs are fully qualified, skilled and are constantly updated with industry changes and upgrades. All manuals and drawings are kept for fault finding on all equipment.

Customer Service is the most important aspect of Global as we believe a good relationship is a mutual respect between parties and honouring ones word. Your needs especially in emergency cases will be met as peoples safety comes first before anything else. We try to ensure minimal downtime and disruption to your organisation.

Directors Message

Global Lifting and Docking Equipment was formed as a result of seeing inefficiencies in lifting companies and seeing the way people (the clients) were treated in general. I am from a Marketing/Sales environment and as an outsider looking in realised that the potential of being the best is as easy as caring and having the right staff.  I know lives matter and we are responsible for ensuring that every lift we maintain, it is towards the highest safety standards at all times.

We are different from many Companies in that you are not just a number in our books, but an individual that latter becomes family – and we look after our family. Your concerns will always be addressed and answered. We act in the best interest of people and their safety and then we consider the organisation behind the people. Our staff are dedicated, qualified, hardworking and respected individuals who always put the Company first.



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