Maximizing ROI and minimizing headaches monitoring Obstruction Lighting (Aircraft Warning Lights)


There are many monitoring systems available for remote automatic monitoring of Obstruction Lighting Systems (OLS). But how do you choose the best one to meet your needs? If you already have a monitoring service, are you sure they are providing the service and value you need?

There are many remote automatic monitoring options available today, from simple alerting and messaging systems to fully comprehensive solutions where the service provider will actually roll the trucks to make site repairs and inspections.

Service providers may also be capable of offering other services, such as the required annual visual inspection, Quarterly Lighting Inspection (QLI), Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) management, or even the ability to monitor other types of devices and equipment.

The key in choosing the right supplier is to fully understand their offerings and if their offerings can be tailored to your specific needs while ensuring the supplier (and your Company) are in full compliance with ALL FCC and FAA regulations and mandates. Nobody wants to be hit with the fines and penalties for not following the rules.

Typical offerings may be alerting only, where you are responsible for NOTAM management and repair; alerting with NOTAM management, where you are responsible for repairs, and full service, with alerting, NOTAMs and site repair and maintenance. Possibly other services may be offered by the provider as well.

Here are the key considerations in choosing the right service provider:

-Compliance to FAA and FCC requirements;

-Expertise in knowing the requirements.

-Maintains minimal 2 years of easily accessible data retention.

-Reportable alerts reacted to within 30 minutes.

-Ability to file, cancel and manage Notices to Airmen (NOTAMs);

-Offers fully automatic filing on alerts and automatic cancel.

-Easy to use manual filing and canceling options.

-Guarantees NOTAM filings are done on time.

-Offers multiple levels of service specific to your needs;

-Alerting on alarm conditions AND alerting when alarm conditions are cleared (system verifies alarm is cleared).

-NOTAM management.

-Site maintenance and repair for OLS.

-Monitoring capabilities for other site equipment and devices such as generators, HVAC, batteries, solar, site access, vandalism, copper theft and others.

-Install and maintain lighting as well as monitoring equipment.

Equipment Supply;

-Offers Monitoring integrated into its own OLS without extra external or optional equipment or add-on circuit boards.

-Offers standalone monitoring systems to integrate with other manufacturer’s OLS.

-Equipment easily expandable to monitor other devices and equipment.

-Equipment ships pre-configured by the factory, not configured on site.

Service and Support;

-24/7/365 support hotline.

-Can roll trucks to install, maintain and repair all equipment.

-Can provide monitoring for other equipment and devices with full support.

User Interface and Experience;

-Easy and intuitive interface accessible with a web browser working on any device – PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

-Integrates complete hardware diagnostics and indication of bad, suspect and good components – also sent out embedded in alerts.

-Alert messages sent to one or more recipients, requiring an acknowledgment of receipt.

-Integrates an automatic open and close ticketing support system, allows user data to be entered and filed with the open ticket. Tickets closed automatically when site returns to full operational status.

-Links to site-specific manuals, troubleshooting, drawings, and how to videos just be clicking on the links in the site view, from any device.

-Virtually hands-off operation, minimizing your labor, headaches, and downtime to maximize ROI.

-Provides a customer friendly user experience with quick and reliable service and support.

If you are looking for monitoring services and/or obstruction lighting, or your current provider is not giving you the service you need and deserve, give our experts a call or send an email. If we do not have the solution you need, we will be happy to guide you to the right provider at no cost to you. Our mission is to ensure all obstructions are properly lit and monitored using only FAA-certified equipment, whether you are our customer, or theirs.


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