Medi Response (Emergency Medical Services)


Founded in 2009 as a boutique emergency medical first-response organisation, Medi Response has grown into a respected entity within the field of pre-hospital emergency care. We provide professional and comprehensive emergency medical support across a range of sporting and recreational events throughout South Africa. Medi Response also offers a highly skilled event medical risk and safety management service, supported by our fleet of emergency and special utility vehicles.

In addition to our 24-hour Ambulance & Emergency operations, conducted within the central and northern regions of Johannesburg, Medi Response also takes the lead in rendering high-quality emergency care and medical support services at remote sites around South Africa, and well beyond its borders.

24/7 Ambulance Service

Our EMS Operations Department provides emergency response using ambulances and rapid response vehicles, and is accredited to all medical aids. We also provide services for private patients and we have a variety of service level agreements for persons, companies and institutions. We take great pride in our rapid response times as well as the level of care our dedicated and professional medics and paramedics provide to any patient in all situations. Supporting our road medics is an experienced 24/7 emergency control centre which is run in partnership with Cortac security services.

Event Medical Standby`

Our specialised services department caters for the dynamic needs of the events management market. This department uniquely caters to the specific event needs of the clients including safety and legal compliance as well as medical logistics. Medi Response has a variety of different event resource plans in order to manage events ranging from sports and recreational activities to private and corporate gatherings. In addition to our on road fleet of ambulances and response vehicles we also have 4×4’s, a quad bike and a side-by-side which have all been modified to be able to safely and comfortably transport patients out of hard to reach locations.

Remote Site Medical Services

Medi Response provides our clients with dedicated emergency medical services in remote locations where formal medical facilities are too far away or where the existing medical structure is inadequate for the needs of our clients. Able to deploy mobile medical units and portable or semi-permanent clinics and hospitals, Medi Response provides a fully stocked, turnkey solution that includes medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, consumables and, most importantly, qualified medical professionals.

First Aid Training

Knowing what to do in a medical emergency is a life skill that is valuable no matter who you are, where you are or what you do. For this reason, Medi Response provides comprehensive training in first aid level 1,2 and 3, and is fully accredited with the South African School of First Aid Education. Our courses focus on how to react when dealing with everyday injuries to life threatening ailments. The first aid students are taught a wide variety of measures that have the potential to save lives including; high quality CPR, how to control bleeding and diabetic management, to name a few. Some of the advantages of being trained in first aid include recognising the signs and symptoms early and activating the emergency response protocols as soon as possible, and also being able to keep the patient in a stable condition until EMS backup arrives.


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