MST Global – Proximity Detection & Collision Avoidance System


The safety of personnel working alongside heavy and light vehicles in potentially hazardous mine environments is of paramount importance to mine operators around the world. MST Global’s IMPACT Proximity Detection technology is a comprehensive solution designed to give an additional level of risk control around people/vehicle and vehicle/vehicle interactions. It achieves this by providing an early warning to operators about other vehicles and personnel within a set proximity, as well as alerting people approaching a vehicle on foot that they have entered a designated danger zone.

The IMPACT Proximity Detection System is operating in several countries around the world with sales increasing as more mines look to control their risks around mobile machinery. MST’s most recent partnership with a large mine operator in Ghana will equip 22 vehicles with our IMPACT Proximity Detection System, and equip 300 people with Proximity Personnel Tags.

Working with the mine and our Ghanaian partner, ACT ICT, MST has configured the solution to meet the mine’s requirements. Though not necessary for the Proximity Detection System to operate, the technology package also includes our high bandwidth IMPACT Wi-Fi Network to support other applications at the mine as they implement a range of technologies, including general tracking, to increase productivity and safety at the operation.

The IMPACT Proximity Detection system consists of a controller, magnetic field transmitter, an operator’s panel, and personnel proximity tags. Up to fifteen transmitters, installed on vehicles, and fifty tags can operate effectively within the same coverage area. To manage potentially hazardous situations appropriately, multiple detection/proximity zones, including ‘Warning’, ‘Danger’, ‘Vehicle Speed Reduction’ or ‘Equipment Stop’, can be configured from up to 20 metres. Zones can collapse or vary in size, depending on the vehicle/equipment speed or operation type.

The solution utilises low frequency magnetics to identify tags and transmitters in the vicinity to allow a proximity-appropriate response from a vehicle operator. The zone breach alarm gives operators a low-level, non-invasive alert when a person or other vehicle is within the pre-set zone. Detected tags can be silenced either individually or simultaneously, by simply touching the rugged, in-cab screen. Personnel tags provide visible, audio and physical (vibrational) alerts and can be used standalone or integrated into the MST ICCL cap lamps.

Additional features of the system include logging and auditing capabilities that provides “black box” functionality to facilitate the investigation of incidents, and continuous self-diagnostics that uses built-in feedback tags to continuously self-check critical system components.

MST Global

MST Global (MST) is a tier one provider of communications networks and operational optimization solutions, which assist the mining, resources and industrial sectors to optimally manage core business operations. Established in over Australia 27 years ago and with a global reach across six continents, the company specializes in the design, manufacture, deployment and support of critical technologies for communications, automation-enablement, production optimization, vehicle and personnel tracking, and safety in hazardous environments both underground and on the surface.

A pioneering force within the mining industry, MST has over 600 deployments at mine sites worldwide. Customers across the globe trust MST solutions to help optimize output, minimize cost and reduce risk, resulting in a compelling ROI on technology investments.

MST subsidiary Nixon Communicationsprovides specialist surface radio and networking services throughout Australia.



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