Slips, trips and falls are among the most common causes of accidents and injury at work, and probably the most avoidable.  Most slips and trips are caused by inappropriate floor finishes, contaminated, uneven or damaged floor surfaces or poor housekeeping. When considering areas in your workplace that could cause a hazard remember to ​take into account staircases, ramps, any outdoor areas, differing weather conditions, what type of traffic you expect on the area and the work activities carried out on your premises. Slips and trips can be easily avoided by having appropriate flooring, suitable slip prevention, good housekeeping and regular routine maintenance.

By implementing measures to prevent slips, trips and falls your business will benefit from:

  • a reduction in the number of working days lost due to injury
  • a boost in productivity from employees that know you care
  • a reputation of caring and compliance for your company
  • shielding yourself from potential legal action and reduce insurance premiums

Seguro Nonslip Surfaces focusses on safety, quality products, the environment and excellent service. This is testament to our commitment to bringing our customers the best product offering in our market. With our wide range of products and services we can source and provide the most appropriate treatment for your problem areas. Whatever the type of flooring you’re struggling with, we have a solution.

Slip-resistance can be added to any surface through a variety of methods and products. Each surface poses its own challenges. When selecting appropriate solutions we consider:

  • the type of surface/flooring
  • the amount and type of traffic on the surface
  • the type of work being performed in the area
  • exposure to elements and/or chemicals
  • durability and lifespan
  • cleaning and maintenance requirements
  • aesthetics
  • the environment
  • the clients budget

Through consultation our experienced staff can assess your premises, identify problem areas and advise on the most appropriate solutions to prevent risk to your staff and business. Work is performed professionally and efficiently with minimal disruption to your operations. We also provide instruction to your staff on how to best clean and maintain your treated surfaces and offer after sales services.

There are many anti-slip products and suppliers in the marketplace today. Seguro Nonslip Surfaces brings it all together under one service provider creating a stronger and more collaborative relationship with our clients. Our clients also benefit from reduced supply chain costs, improved administrative efficiency, increased quality and speed in delivery, and improved supplier responsiveness.


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