Off Grid Innovations (Pty) Ltd, established in December 2014, is a Research & Development company based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

We specialise in the development of products specifically for the supply of basic electricity to homes that have no/unreliable electricity.

iHarvey® is an on demand, safe, silent, indoor operation, basic electricity generator that can provide off grid households with useable electricity for lighting and charging of any USB chargeable devices. It uses Paraffin/Kerosene as a fuel and the “Seebeck effect” to convert waste heat directly to electricity. iHarvey® consumes only 35 ml/h, this gives 29 hours of operation on 1 Litre and costs +/- ZAR 0.35 an hour to run. A candle costs R3.00 for 6 hours where iHarvey® costs R2.10 for 6 hours and concurrently provides the light of 30 candles or 16 kerosene lanterns plus charging. The light output doubles if the USB charging socket is used for powering additional lighting. iHarvey® does not utilise batteries to store its energy, it generates its power continuously while lit. Three led lamps are provided with the unit allowing 3 spaces to be illuminated thus reducing the requirement of paraffin/kerosene lanterns or candles to one iHarvey®. All iHarvey® accessories can have rechargeable batteries so multiple accessories may be used simultaneously. In this way the unit is not subject to battery degrade and has a life expectancy of over 5 years.

Due to our patented burner we achieve 0ppm CO emissions and the soot PM 2.5 reduces from 40 mg/m3 per hour for a normal glass lantern to 0.01mg/m3/h with the iHarvey®, 83% lower, (SeTAR Laboratory S/2014/002) and is therefore safe for indoor unventilated operation. There is also almost no kerosene burn odour. The unit has been designed to be as safe as possible, eliminating the risk of touch burns by being totally enclosed, from toppling over by a very wide base to height ratio.

Eva Safety Stove

The Eva Stove is a wick-type domestic paraffin/kerosene stove for low-income households. It is designed to be safe, clean and affordable to buy and to use. The Eva Stove has a substantial maximum power output of 1.6kW with a burner efficiency of 85% and an overall cooking efficiency of 60%. The 2.5 liter fuel tank provides an long cooking time while carefully designed airflow over the tank keeps the fuel temperature safely at 37 degrees Celsius and most of the outside housing remains safe to touch. The Eva Stove will not ignite or explode when knocked over. The flame self-extinguishes immediately when the stove is tilted.

In South Africa 60,000 people a year are injured due to paraffin related incidents. Many of these incidents are caused by unsafe paraffin appliances. We would like to inform the 5 million people in South Africa who mainly use paraffin to cook with that there is a safe and clean paraffin stove available in South Africa that can enable them to use paraffin for cooking in a safe manner.

The stove is inexpensive to buy but also cooks food quickly at high power, using 30% less fuel to cook a meal than other stoves. The safety features of the stove meet the stringent South African SANS 1906 national standard fully. The flame is extinguished if the stove is knocked over. The stove is clean burning, reducing the unpleasant smell of paraffin while eliminating smoke, so that users and children suffer from fewer respiratory ailments. Importantly, the clean-burning stove produces less than 25% of the amount of carbon monoxide required by law.

Eva’s burner automatically shuts off when the stove is lifted, moved, tilted or when the fuel cap is opened. The stove does not leak paraffin even when shaken and a cool-touch wall separates the burner from the fuel cap and the user’s hands.

The burner runs at a high overall cooking efficiency at all power settings and maintains consistent power of 1.5kW for over 500 hours in continuous testing.







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