Protecting the South Africa, Mozambique border from land and cyber threats


Protecting the South Africa, Mozambique border from land and cyber threats

Maputo Bay is a popular inlet to the Indian Ocean on the Mozambique coast. In 2018 a stunningly beautiful new bridge that connects Maputo to Catembe district was officially opened. Also opened was a new road that connects Mozambique directly to South Africa.

The road cuts a six-hour journey down to two hours from KwaZulu Natal. The road will lead to the development of trade, tourism and job creation for South Africa, Mozambique and Swaziland.

However, the opportunities also come with an expected spike in criminal activity such as car theft, human trafficking, arms and drugs smuggling.

The chosen surveillance technology brand to protect our border is UNIVIEW. The box cameras, NVRs and VMS’ are the solution of choice for several reasons explained by Roberto Vizcarra from Eurobyte Technology a South African surveillance and networking solutions distributor. UNIVIEW is distributed locally through Eurobyte Technology.

Why the UNIVIEW Box Camera for border security?

Analytics features for border and perimeter security

 Tollgate tellers, managers and security specialists work with traffic coming in “in columns” to each gate. A wide-angle camera is unnecessary in this instance. Uniview security cameras can switch from a wide to tall angle “landscape to portrait” or corridor mode giving the operator a better angle of observation. This is just one of many of the analytics features adopted.

Ultra 265 the highest compression ratio on the market

Borders, game farms and remote locations all have one thing in common – low bandwidth. Uniview cameras have developed U-Code (Ultra 265), an enhanced version of H.265 compression for surveillance systems distributors. The storage savings are currently the highest on the market.

A wide voltage range for electricity fluctuations

 Borders and remote areas are susceptible to fluctuations in power. Blackouts, brownouts and failovers all play havoc on electronics. UNIVIEW Security Cameras and NVRs are built to withstand changes for uninterrupted recording.

 Why the UNIVIEW NVRs and VMS’ for border security?

 The CMS for UNIVIEW cameras and NVR’s allows for the painless linking of an almost unlimited number of recorders and cameras all to the same IP address.

When coupled with the Unicorn VMS control can be centralised. The VMS allows for 300 online users, 1000 device connections, up to 2000 channels of high-definition network videos. It also provides for the Unified management of NVR, IPC, decoder, network keyboard, cloud devices, alarm control panel and door access control and support devices configuration.

 Why UNIVIEW for protection from cybersecurity threats?

 Over the last year, Hikvision and Dahua have been embroiled in a cybersecurity saga which involved the alleged mass scale hacking of their cameras. The US* and Australia have banned all their surveillance systems.

As a proactive measure and in response to the end-users fears UNIVIEW took the initiative and are now the first IP surveillance company in the world to be certified by TUV. TUV Rheinland is a GDPR watchdog. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a regulation in EU law on data protection and privacy.

This certification gives UNIVIEW security cameras and NVRs a clean bill of health and trust at the highest levels across the globe.

With Africa embarking on a continent-wide free trade zone, it’s imperative to keep the flow of goods and services smooth and uninterrupted. UNIVIEW surveillance technology is at the heart of keeping the traffic flowing and perpetrators apprehended with as little disruption as possible.


To find out more about the UNIVIEW range and for a demo give the Eurobyte Technology surveillance team a call.



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