Scentroid the world leader in air sensory technology


Scentroid is a world leader in air sensory technology, providing intelligent environmental solutions across a wide range of industries. We are proudly Canadian and manufacture over 20 instrument and instrument accessories in our home facility located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. In addition to air sensing instruments, Scentroid provides environmental services such as odour patrols, emission monitoring, air dispersion modelling, environmental impact assessments, as well as remediation and mitigation recommendations for environmental compliance actions.

Scentroid’s flagship unit is the SL50 Scentinal. A state-of-the-art continuous monitoring station for volatile organic compounds, hazardous air pollutants, and particulate matter. The Scentinal can be equipped with up to 10 chemical sensors, is self-calibrating and self-purging – requiring virtually zero operational maintenance. Mount the Scentinal to a pole, wall, or on any stationary locality and plug the Scentinal into a power source – that’s it!

With the Scentinal, the operator is able to:

  • Continuously monitor multiple air contaminants simultaneously
  • Continuously monitor over 60 volatile organic compounds
  • Continuously monitor particulates such as PM 1, 2.5 and 10
  • Continuously monitor ambient odour concentrations
  • Continuously monitor process emissions
  • Create alarms and notifications

A revolutionary chemical analyser, Scentroid’s innovative Flying Laboratory, the DR1000, can be used to sample and analyze ambient and source air pollutants at heights of up to 150 meters above ground level. The unit is attached to a drone and data from on-board sensors are transmitted to a supplied ground station as well as to a cloud-based software. While in flight, the DR1000 periodically records altitude, temperature, humidity, GPS positioning, and data from up to 5 chemical sensors. This allows the DR1000 to engage in 3D-mapping of air quality, perform model verification, and conduct sampling campaigns in difficult terrains, hard to reach locations, and unsafe spaces.

With the DR1000, the operator is able to:

  • Measure impossible or difficult to reach locations
  • Avoid putting workers at risk
  • Cover large spatial areas
  • Create 3D map of pollutants
  • Collect ambient air samples for laboratory analysis
  • Particulate monitoring (PM 1, 2.5 and 10)
  • View live readings of sensors
  • View historical measurement trends for each sensor
  • Determine ambient odour concentrations
  • Set alarms for each sensor

As the world’s largest manufacturer of odour sampling and analysis equipment, Scentroid’s instruments meet most international odour standards. One instrument – commonly used by environmental consultants, regulators, technicians and researchers is the SM100 and SM100i. This instrument is the world’s first portable field olfactometer. It is used to determine ambient odour concentration using a dilution-threshold method that is accurate and repeatable – and in-line with international standards! The SM100(i) weighs only 4 lbs, has a dilution range of 2 OU to 30,000 OU and produces results comparable to a laboratory-based olfactometer. The unit is simple to use, easy to transport, and is reasonably priced. Using the SM100(i) for field measurements eliminates the need for laboratory analysis and in turn, removes the possibility of sample degradation due to a short half-life or due to changes in the temperature and/or pressure that commonly occur during transport.

With the SM100 and SM100i, the operator is able to:

  • Perform odour patrols and odour impact assessments
  • Determine odour source contributions
  • Evaluate odour emission impact on neighbouring residents
  • Determine odour mitigation effectiveness
  • Monitor emission compliance
  • Verify laboratory results and dispersion model simulations
  • Perform panelist screening


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