There is a well-established, reliable technology for perimeter intrusion protection on flexible fences which enables the owner to react promptly, because the system detects real intrusion attempts before the intruder has got inside the property. The system LiteFENCE, which is 100% made in Italy by Naria Security, has proven extremely effective over the years, as well as easy to install in every environment. The same technology can be also applied to barbed wire or metal rope running on top of perimeter walls.

The LiteFENCE system combines an analysing board (LiteFENCE) with a performing, sun-light resistant plastic optical fiber (LiteWIRE) and specific tensioning bolts. LiteFENCE reveals the intrusion attempts which result in a flexion of the fence: climb over and lift of the fence, as well as attempts to create a breach. The analysing board communicates to any alarm panel via a normally closed relay. After an alarm, if the fiber has remained intact, the system resets automatically, and goes on working regularly.

This intrusion detection system can easily suit sloping grounds and perimeters of irregular shape because the system runs along the fence and becomes one with it.  The plastic fiber cable is “woven” along the mesh in two or more passages and is connected to the analysing board LiteFENCE: this board detects when the fiber is flexed or interrupted, because the intensity of the light signal transmitted in the fiber changes. Vibrations do not flex the fiber and do not result in changes in signal intensity, so the whole system is insensitive to vibrations: for this reason, it is particularly robust to false alarms. Unlike other technologies on the market, LiteFENCE is effective in any weather conditions (rain, snow, wind, fog…) as well as in presence of small animals or birds.

As the anti-intrusion system and the fence are intertwined, the nearby area remains free and available: this guarantees freedom of movement to people and animalswhile protection remains h24 active. This is an important advantage on other traditional solutions both in industrial and residential areas, where people can pass by the fence and vehicles can be parked very close to it without triggering any alarms. Besides, the plastic fiber woven through the fence is safe, because only light is transmitted, not electricity, so it doesn’t attract ground loops or electromagnetic interferences.

The analysing board is incredibly user friendly: it has a built-in power meter, which help the installer monitor if the plastic fiber is being placed correctly or identify any problems. Once the fiber has been installed and the sensitivity level set, no further calibration is needed. Temperature and humidity slow changes are compensated automatically by the board. Vegetation growing slowly on the fence does not interfere with the system either, so there is no need of regular or constant maintenance. Of course, it is good practice to trim vegetation when it becomes heavy and interferes with the flexion of the fence.

Unlike traditional glass fiber, plastic fiber is very easy to handle, terminate and repair for everyone, because no skills or expensive tools are required.  Putting a connector on the cable only requires a few seconds, and the reparation of a plastic fiber cable can be carried out quickly and inexpensively by any installer everywhere.

Security solutions over plastic optical fiber have been on the market for more than ten years and have proven very effective and easy to manage. This perimeter intrusion detection system is as reliable as all the other security solutions developed by Naria Security, which engineers and manufactures also anti-theft systems for copper wires, photovoltaic panels, farm and industrial equipment and machines.


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