Composite Base Rig Mats (CBRM)


Portable, re-usable, recyclable, mega deck, durable base, trackway access solutions.

The global leader in access solutions, first world services out of South Africa with patented technology.

The growth of the Composite Base Rig Mat brand today has led to the formation of our 5 sectors:

1)  CBRM Pro Road – Trackway Access

2)  CBRM Pro Base – Trackway Foundations, working platforms, durable base, mega deck, cover master that acts as a master shield over various ground conditions.

3)  CBRM Pro Pitch – Portable Floors, Trackway access to environmental access and stadium pitch, turf, grass, lawn protection and athletic field covers.

4)  CBRM Pro Aero Mat – trackway access for the aviation industry – light and heavy duty runway systems

5)  CBRM Pro AF – Portable Floors, light duty pedestrian trackway access for stadiums & environmental sensitive areas.

CBRM commercially off the shelf rapid access solutions are specifically designed for our global customers.

Temporary modular composite trackway mat system which provides a high traction surface to gain access to, or recover equipment from, hostile environments including clay, drift-sand, forests, snow, marsh, mud and sand. With rapid deployment and quick connections, the applications are endless. Rapidly deployed, CBRM track way, composite matting can be joined together to form various lengths, multiple work areas, or complete work sites. Designed with durability in mind, the Pro Road roadway systems support constant traffic, extreme  climates and repeat reusable deployment.

Advantages of CBRM trackway composite mat access

  • Minimal Manpower
  • Installation by hand & foot pressure
  • Designed for repeat deployment – re-usable
  • Easily transported
  • Highly durable
  • Low maintenance
  • Versatile
  • Protect Environments
  • Strongest product globally 825psi load factorFeatures various load bearing insert can be used
  • Various traction patterns / industry / application specific
  • All systems is available with slip tests for dry, wet & oil on the surface.

A modular system comprising of single High Impact Polyproline panels connected by

zip-lock joints allowing secure articulation of each panel.

  • Withstands axle loads up to 580 Tonnes/m sqr – 825 psi – world’s strongest
  • Available in widths of either 2, 3, 4 & 5 meters Various speed ratings available



Composite Base Rig Mats’ – composite mats; have superior protection & environmental characteristics. The composite mats help protect sensitive ecological areas, they do not rot, absorb contaminates or inert foreign substances


Composite Base Rig Mats’ – Composite mats provide safety for heavy equipment and stability even-in uneven and unstable terrain under extreme weather conditions.


Composite Base Rig Mats’ – Composite mats are much lighter in weight than wooden matting systems, composite mats are much lighter and easier to move around during implementation and disassembly. This reduces freight costs substantially to and from various job sites.

Composite Base Rig Mats are designed for load bearing vehicles and improved traction. Composite mats facilitate heavy construction vehicles all weights & types. The overlapping patented zip-lock lip system’s, easy lock feature, reduces installation time, provides a solid working surface for wet, dry & oily condition, minimising the chance of slippage on the surface. Our composite mats meet the highest and strictest industry standards. Whether you need mats for surface stability, environmental protection, road access, containment on gas & oil sites, pipeline jobs, crane support, pylon repairs, aircraft runway systems, our Composite Base Rig Mats will exceed your unique specifications and requirements.


CBRM hold a prestigious reputation worldwide, with more than 25 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of custom premium products and tailored solutions.

The growth of the brand today has led to the formation of our 5 sectors; 1) CBRM Pro Road – Trackway Access, 2) CBRM Pro Base – Trackway Foundations/working platforms,  3) CBRM Pro Pitch – trackway access to environmental access and stadium pitch protection, 4) CBRM Pro Aero Mat – trackway access for the aviation industry, 5) CBRM Pro AF – light duty pedestrian trackway access for stadiums-pitch-protection, focused on superior access, custom-made solutions for the global market.

CBRM is proud to be a division of the F3 Group – Portable Infrastructure Solutions  All patents are held by Martin van Wyk born and bred South African, and all products and components are proudly produced in Johannesburg, South Africa.  Our primary market is Africa, how-ever are clients are global.


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