Facilities/Asset Maintenance Management


Our mission is to make sure you’re ready to deliver on yours. Accruent helps customers Shape, Drive, Manage and Control their physical worlds.

Our software helps 10,000+ customers globally to gain efficiencies from boardroom to control room, by optimising processes, reducing cost and maximising value across their real estate, facilities and assets.

We are a leading global Software provider delivering optimal visibility and control over your facilities, assets and those servicing them. Our configurable, modular solutions manage the breadth of facilities/asset maintenance, compliance, equipment monitoring/control, mobile workforce management, energy and sustainability as well solutions for project management, lease administration and capital planning. Accruent’s technology delivers advanced analytics, reporting, real-time dashboards and alerting to deliver actionable information, in conjunction with advanced workflow functionality to manage process, performance, cost and compliance. This functionality is delivered on our secure, scalable and highly configurable platform, easily accessed by multiple users, whether desk-based or mobile.

Facilities/Asset Maintenance Management: vx Maintain manages the full workflow related to reactive and planned preventative maintenance, from work order creation and dispatch to completion, invoicing, approval and financial system integration. Verisae provides unparalleled, enterprise-wide visibility and control over assets, facilities and contractors, including managing compliance and related documentation.

 Mobile Workforce Management: vx Field provides end-to-end service delivery functionality to optimise scheduling, dispatch and performance of simple and complex jobs in accordance with your business objectives. The solution delivers intelligent work allocation, resource scheduling and performance management, together with integrated parts and inventory management.

Energy Management: vx Conserve provides comprehensive functionality for energy data capture and analysis in conjunction with wider facility, equipment and environmental data. In addition to flexible reporting and live mobile dashboard visibility, it also employs its business rules engine for automated energy alerting and configurable workflow to manage to resolution, including supporting analytical tools.

 Remote Monitoring & Control: vx Observe provides remote monitoring and control of multiple equipment types, delivering maintenance and energy efficiencies. Its advanced business rules engine provides: real-time alerting; alarm management/triage for optimised reactive maintenance; analytics to predict issues and trigger proactive response; and control actions functionality to initiate remote setpoint and schedule changes. Configurable workflow triggers automated notifications, bureau and site interaction and/or automated work order generation. Supporting tools enable drill-down analysis and remote diagnosis/resolution.

Lifecycle Asset Management for mobile surveying and inspections: Kykloud is a cloud-based building surveying and inspections asset management software application that ensures consistent condition surveys, inspections and compliance management across an entire facilities portfolio.

Lease & Project Management: Lucernex provides cloud-based real estate lifecycle, lease accounting and lease compliance solutions to large companies globally. Delivered on a cloud-based, single database platform to eliminate expensive and time-consuming software upgrades. Lucernex helps customers mitigate risk through regulatory compliance of the latest IFRS16/ FRS102 and FASB standards.

 Room, Desk & Resource Scheduling: The EMS space & resource booking tool connects your organisation in a controlled manner, enabling you to schedule & manage:

  • Spaces: rooms, desks, huddle zones, parking spots, etc.
  • Resources: catering, audio visual, video conference, etc.
  • Staff: service requests, security, cleaning, caterers, etc.

 Advanced Engineering Information Management Software: Meridian transforms engineering data into actionable plant information, keeping users in control, compliant, aligned, and informed throughout the asset lifecycle. It provides a comprehensive solution for managing concurrent plant modifications of all scales and maintaining as-built master data for operations and maintenance.

Meridian customers work with information in the cloud or on premise, at their desktop or on the go with their mobile device, within their organisation or with external contractors and stakeholders.



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