GeoScene3D is a 3D geological modelling package for visual-izing geoscience data and building geological models for distribution to specialists and stakeholders.

The software is designed for geoscientists in both public and private organizations, working on engineering geology, groundwater, soil contamination or other tasks that involve compilation, interpretation or visualization of spatial data.

GeoScene3D simplifies integration of a wide range of geosci-ence data. Common applications often include water well descriptions, geophysical profile data, chemistry results, ter-rain surface models, imagery, and buried geological-surface grids. Tools are available for manual or semi-automated inter-pretation and correlation of point data, for the generation of geological-surface grids through advance interpolation tech-niques, and for export of surface grids for further processing in other software (e.g., FEFLOW, MODFLOW). GeoScene3D also allows geological models to be easily built using both community- and user-defined workflows.

GeoScene3D is the standard platform for geoscience data visualization and modeling in Denmark, and is being continu-ously developed in collaboration with the Geological Survey of Denmark (GEUS), the Danish Nature Agency, all major Danish geo-engineering companies and a number of inter-national clients.

The versatile design and robust functionality of Geo-Scene3D has been guided by the range of problems our clients face and the commitment at I•GIS to provide tools for finding practical solutions.

Data types and formats

GeoScene3D support a variety of data types and provides sophisticated import wizards, making it easy to visualize your data.

Common data types in GeoScene3D:

  • Digital terrain models
  • Imagery and raster layers (e.g. tiff, jpeg, grd)
  • Vector map layers (e.g. shp)
  • Driller’s logs
  • TEM, Airborne TEM
  • DC, ERT
  • Geophysical wireline logs
  • MRS
  • Seismic data, SEGY
  • Tabular data (e.g. database, CSV …)
  • Chemical data

User interface and Modeling Tools

The GeoScene3D interface is based on 3 fundamental views of model and data, all integrated and interlinked:

  • Cross Sections: Cross sections are defined in maps and 3D, and can be han-dled dynamically. User-defined buffer zones can be added to data in cross sections.
  • GIS Maps: Any number of GIS maps can be added to a GeoScene3D project. GeoScene3D accepts standard GIS data formats (shape, TAB…), WFS and WMS services.
  • 3D Scenes: Any number of individual 3D camera views can be genera-ted for any model.
  • Editing: Tools are available for direct editing of surfaces, points, voxels, layer attributes, etc. in all views. Easy-to-use Wizards guide the user throughout the modelling process.

Export utilities are available for model elements and support several standard formats, including MODFLOW, FEFLOW, Surfer, CSV points, and more.

GeoScene3D Modules and Extensions

GeoScene3D is licensed as a series of modules and exten-sions. This enables the end user to tailor the software to their organizational requirements.

The various modules enable building of geologic models, while the extensions provide tools for specific applica-tion areas (e.g. tools for work with AEM data, or hydrogeolog-ic calculations).

Description of modules and extensions

  • Basic Module: Create new projects, visualize data and work with cross sec-tions, maps and 3D.
  • Layer Builder Module: Tools for constructing layer based models including interpo-lation tools.
  • Voxel Builder Module: Tools for constructing voxel models.
  • AEM Extension: Special tools for working with Airborne EM data, incl. Geo-Soft XYZ support and Smart Interpretation, enabling fast model building from AEM data.
  • Hydro Extension: Tools for creating potentiometric maps (also aquifer specific), simple hydrological calculations as draw down based on Theis equation.
  • Simulation Extension: Tools for simulation of voxel properties, including Multiple Point Statistics (MPS), creation of hard and soft data and han-dling of simulations.


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