In-Line inspection using High Resolution MFL (Magnetic Flux Leakage), GEO (geometric), DMR (Direct Magnetic Response), XYZ (inertial mapping), SRD (Short Range Distance) and UT (ultrasonic)


3P Services fleet includes more than 300 “live” ILI tools ranging from 2” to 48”. There are tools for conventional (free swimming), for bi-directional (pump-in/pump-out), and pull through (tethered) operation. Dual diameter, multi-diameter and combo-tools are available on request. Customer applications to inspect pipelines that are considered “difficult to pig” or even “unpiggable” are a specialty of the company.

3P Services provides associated services including feasibility studies, corrosion growth studies of previous inspected pipelines, cleaning, geometric inspection, post-inspection support. The company was founded in 1992 and is privately owned.

Marine terminal loading lines, such as those connecting export or import terminals with SPM/PLEM (Single Point Mooring / Pipe Line End Manifold) combinations located some kilometres offshore, are often constructed considered “un-piggable”.  3P Services was the first company to develop the bi-directional capability to achieve a high resolution inspection. The ILI tools are pumped from launch position within the terminal to the subsea PLEM and returned with reverse flow.

The MFL tools record data while travelling in both directions and deliver high resolution data over the entire circumference of the pipe for features on both the internal and external surfaces. The report delivers details of corrosion metal loss with accurate location details.  Other anomalies and installations are also detected, characterised and reported.

Our experience of marine terminal loading line inspections is worldwide and is unparalleled. Pipelines may be import or export and are used to load or off-load crude oil and refined products.

3P Services recently successfully completed a big and technically very challenging ILI project in the South East of France. The scope of work covered the high-resolution inline inspection of an approx. 350 km pipeline system having diameter of 6”, 8” and 10”. The longest section was 103 km.

The lines are used to transport ethylene. The inspections were performed in nitrogen (N2) at high pressure up to approx. 75 bar. Some of the lines were already inspected by 3P Services in 2013/2014.

Besides the pre-inspection cleaning and gauging, each pipeline section was inspected using high-resolution GEO, MFL and XYZ ILI tools. In cooperation with the pipeline operator and other contractors 3P Services performed the DGPS survey of pre-determined AGM (Above Ground Marker) reference locations as well as the markering and tool tracking during the inspection runs.



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