Advanced Safety and Quality Solutions (ASQS)

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ASQS (Advanced Safety and Quality Solutions) is a global provider of SMS and QMS aviation software specialized in the development of integrated safety and quality management solutions for Airlines, Business Jet and Helicopter Operators, Airports, Ground Handling Agents/FBOs and Maintenance Organizations. ASQS was founded in 2009 and serves some 200 aviation companies world-wide today from its headquarters in Vienna, Austria and its branch office in Bangkok, Thailand. With its main markets in Europe, Africa and Asia and its further advance in the Latin American market ASQS distinguishes itself by its international success and innovative solutions, which have been honored with the Born Global Champions Award and the Exporters Prize by the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber.

Integrated quality and safety management for the aviation industry IQSMS, ASQS’ Integrated Quality and Safety Management System, is a web-based, modular safety, quality and risk management solution for the aviation sector that has been developed by aviation industry experts and experienced IT professionals. Characterized by its intuitive handling and user friendliness, the IQSMS suite currently consists of 10 modules designed to improve operational efficiency due to seamless and secure data exchange. Information can be transferred easily from one module to the other, in order to maximize the company’s productivity, reduce operating costs by eliminating time consuming paperwork, and optimize internal and external working processes, improving thereby the company’s overall performance.

Safety, quality and risk management data can be managed with a single integrated tool, supporting customers in their hazard and incident reporting, internal and external auditing, their risk assessment, analysis and tracking of corrective actions as well as safety performance monitoring and measurement.

In order to ensure that customers meet national and international standards, IQSMS complies with all relevant legal requirements, including International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Doc. 9859, ICAO Annex 19, European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requirements and recommended practices.

Offline Solutions

To provide maximum flexibility to our users, IQSMS is accessible worldwide and can be used on any tablet device, such as Apple iPAds, Android and Windows tablets. The IQSMS Offline Apps for mobile devices enable users furthermore to create reports, perform audits and self-assessments even if they have to deal with poor internet connectivity or lacking internet access, and thereby ensure operational continuity. All data entered in the offline systems is automatically transferred to the IQSMS server as soon as an internet connection is (re)established.


IQSMS helps managers to track open findings, pending tasks, or corrective actions to take on occurrence or hazard reports. The IQSMS Dashboard shows all outstanding actions on a single screen, so no additional navigation through IQSMS is required to get an overview of all tasks.

IQSMS Highlights:

• It is a web-based system and can be used whenever and wherever required

• IQSMS is supported by any standard operating system

• IQSMS is hosted on ASQS servers and completely maintained by the company so that customers have no additional costs for IT infrastructure and IT personnel.


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