FMGC – The European Leader in the Manufacture of Cast Iron Counterweights


The Foundry Supplies As Well the Offshore Sector With Various Ballast Solutions

FMGC is the European leader in the manufacture of cast iron counterweights for off-highway, material handlings and agricultural vehicles. The company has as well successfully applied its longstanding expertise in the development and manufacture of diverse ballast solutions for the offshore sector.

The manufacture of counterweights is a complex process involving solid engineering knowledge, machining know-how and dedicated equipment to provide the final paint on the piece.

Cast Iron: Why Raw Material Selection Counts?

Everything starts with the raw material selection. The quality, engineering process and even how the piece will be painted and logistically handled depend on the material. FMGC recommends the use of cast iron for maximum reliability, resistance and robustness.

Compared to concrete, cast iron is denser and more impact and strains resistant. Moreover, cast iron is a product of recycling and doesn’t require any extraction of new raw materials, which is not the case with concrete.

Machined Is Always Better

The dynamic development of the construction vehicles’ sector increases the demand for machined counterweights with complex shapes and details as holes, etc.  Most OEMs as Linde and Toyota insist on a “ready to assemble” piece, as well. The machining process of FMGC covers all necessary conceptual steps to ensure best customer experience.

Cast Iron Ballast Provides Offshore Applications With a Sturdy Grip

Ballasting solutions are of crucial importance for the performance of various offshore fixed and floating installations, operational in different industries (Oil & Gas, Marine Renewable Energy, Aquaculture…) The quality, design and material of the ballast ensure the optimal stability of the offshore installation.

All FMGC ballast solutions minimize maintenance levels, are easy to install and protect from erosion in the severe environmental conditions by finally leading to significant cost savings.

Gravity Base Ballast

Gravity-based structures are a quite common type of tidal turbine foundations, kept in place by the additional ballast. The ballast can stabilise as well specific offshore equipment such as connectors and/or dynamic cables of floating offshore wind installations. FMGC cast iron ballast can vary in shape and weight and can reach up to 20 tones.

Projects, equipped with FMGC gravity base ballast: 

Submarine Cables Protection

Since submarine cables are deployed in almost any single step of an offshore project, their protection is one of the most important requirements for sustainability.

FMGC protecting and ballasting shells made of cast iron are one of the most innovative and promising solutions right now at the market. They combine the protecting, the stabilizing and the bend restrictor aspects of the shells in only one product.

The cast iron shells can be used in the protection and ballasting of marine, oil and gas, submarine electricity transmissions and telecommunication cables.

Projects, equipped with FMGC protecting and ballasting shells:

Clump Weights

The clump weights are another ballast solution made of cast iron and especially designed to offset the vertical forces against the anchor and restrict the movements of an offshore wind floating structure or a floating oil and gas platform.

Clump weights significantly minimize the mooring footprint, delivering at the same time a highly robust and reliable solution, able to ensure the excursion zone of the floaters also in rough environment (as wind speed, turbulence, currents, waves, tides and others…).

Projects, equipped with FMGC Clump Weights:

FMGC is dedicated to the development of reliable offshore ballast solutions, helping professionals to overcome the challenges with greater safety and higher output at a reasonable cost.


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