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Integrated Defense and Security Solutions (IDSS) is a security technology manufacturer based in Boxborough, Massachusetts.  The company was founded in 2012 by a team of security experts with the goal of developing security solutions to address current and future threats to aviation and checkpoints.  The DETECTTM 1000 CT scanner has advanced Artificial Intelligence algorithms for the detection of explosives and prohibited items and is certified by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to APSS (Level 0, Level 1 in process), and the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) to ECSCB (C3). While designed initially for explosive detection, the DETECTTM 1000 superior image quality and X-ray information has been leveraged for Non-Intrusive Inspection and automated detection of illicit narcotics and other contraband in mail sized packaging.

The DETECTTM 1000 high image quality, sub-millimeter resolution and X-ray power give operators the tools and the confidence needed to view and inspect the contents of bags and packages for explosives, prohibited items and other contraband. The DETECTTM 1000 generates high resolution three-dimensional images of the item while analyzing its contents with dual-energy volumetric material measurement techniques.  The superior imaging performance of the DETECT 1000™ combined with our team’s extensive experience in developing artificial intelligence driven threat detection algorithms produces a system which exceed detection requirements while maintaining a low false-alarm rate. 

Utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) Algorithms for Detection of Narcotics

While improving the ability for officers to visually inspect packages with high resolution 3D CT images of the DETECTTM 1000, IDSS has leveraged its experience from the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) explosive detection algorithms and retrained them to detect Opioids in mail packages.   In 2019, IDSS was the only CT manufacturer to win the DHS Opioid Challenge ( Utilizing IDSS’s proprietary AI driven algorithms, the DETECTTM 1000 was able to demonstrate accurate and robust non-intrusive inspection of Opioids in international mail and packaging with high detection and low false-alarm rates exceeding all requirements of the Opioid Detection Challenge.

High Throughput Automated Detection

The DETECTTM 1000 has a throughput capability of greater than 500 bags per hour while maintaining radiation safety limits (continuous operation excluding any operator review) to support operational needs.  The ability to meet throughput needs while meeting radiation safety requirements is important for the safety of both the operators and passengers without additional tunnel length or increasing the spacing between parcels.  The throughput combined with the low false alarm rates allows for optimum operation performance.  The DETECTTM 1000 can be configured in various forms including stand alone for those sites with limited space, integrated with our automated diverter for those sites that need to automate the search station and a complete integration with an automated tray return system for those sites without space limitations.

Computed tomography-based x-ray systems provide an excellent platform to address both current and future threats.  IDSS currently has the DETECTTM 1000 checkpoint system which is currently being deployed, with additional systems in development for hold baggage and cargo applications.  In a post pandemic environment, the use of CT technology at checkpoints minimizes the handling of bags and articles through the ability to conduct virtual screening and searches of bags and article.  The implementation of CT technology offers enhanced security for explosives detection and the development of Artificial Intelligence algorithms for the detection of Prohibited Items and Narcotics continue to enhance the capability of the CT systems for years to come in a variety of applications.  The key features of the DETECTTM 1000 with its high-resolution images and ability to address current and future needs yield the most effective long-term CT based platform.

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