Heading: ContraFlex® Fully Removable Solution for Full Piping Packages and Supports


Advanced Insulation design, manufacture and install ContraFlex® Insulation jackets to protect equipment and personnel across a range of industries. We have developed the ContraFlex® Acoustic range of insulation which can be used on piping and supports, flanges and valves, compressors and expanders, pumps, industrial fans, air handling units and other process equipment. Acoustic problems typically occur in high velocity gas flow applications, and where reducers or restriction orifices restrict flow, creating unwanted noise. Unwanted noise can occur at flange connections or across control valves.

So what is ContraFlex®? ContraFlex® jackets are the result of significant investment and development in material selection, manufacturing processes, CAD and modelling capability, in-house and external testing to create a bespoke solution for a range of harsh and challenging environments.

Our ContraFlex® Acoustic jackets can be applied to any new-build application, or retrofitted as a replacement in, or an enhancement to existing plants. Installation is quick and easy thanks to the simple fastening system using a first-fit hook and loop tape (Velcro type) first fit and D-rings or cam-buckle straps.

ContraFlex® Acoustic insulation jackets come in two forms of in-fills (Aerogel or Silica Wool) to provide sound absorption and an effective barrier against unwanted noise, to improve site working conditions. The system has been developed to provide a simple to install, dry fit, removable jacket for effective thermal insulation, superior noise control & ease of maintenance. The system incorporates a mass-vinyl layer to add damping properties to reduce the transmission of vibrations.

Due to oil and gas and industrial requirements, ContraFlex® has a dedicated range of acoustic insulation jackets for use on piping, flanges and valves tested in accordance to ISO 15665 class A, B, C and Shell DEP 31 specifications. In addition, ContraFlex® Acoustic insulation jackets meet the NORSOK R-004 specification for acoustics Class 6, 7 and 8. Acoustic insulation jackets have been tested at the world renowned Peutz B.V. facility, Netherlands and developed using a variety of insulation materials.

Features and Benefits:

+ Combined thermal and acoustic protection

+ Reduced insulation thickness using advanced thermal and acoustic materials

+ No sharp edges compared with metal clad systems

+ Personnel protection

+ Resistant to UV, salt spray and steady state low temperature

+ Reduced maintenance costs due to simple quick installation method

What makes ContraFlex® different?

+ Up to three times more efficient than conventional insulation materials

+ Fully removable system with simple fastening.

+ Reduces carbon footprint and energy costs on existing plants

+ Designed and optimised for use in highly congested areas with clash points

+ Impact resistant

+ Reduced need for costly scaffolding

+ Waterproof outer cloth, water shedding design and drain plugs to reduce Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) risk

+ Jacket design enables quick and easy maintenance/inspection programmes

+ 70% time saving on installation and maintenance

For further information, visit our website at www.advancedinsulation.com or call us on +44 (0) 1452 880 880.


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