COBA Reduces Risk with Latest Anti-Fatigue Mats


COBA Africa has recently developed its range of anti-fatigue matting solutions, to now include a number of products for specialist applications and social distancing.

We know that prolonged standing (especially on hard floors) can lead to foot ailments, lower limb MSDs, back pain and circulatory issues such as varicose veins. But with such an array of anti-fatigue mats available to tackle the problem, it can seem challenging to know where to start. Mats come in a range of materials, thicknesses and textures, but in essence they all provide the feet with flexible resistance, which goes a long way to reducing strain, and increasing movement and blood flow. This is why anti-fatigue mats are now popular in factory, retail and catering environments, to help take the pressure off standing.

COBA Africa has a team of matting experts on hand to advise businesses on the best solution for their working environment. In fact, one of our mottos is to ‘buy it right first time’, so that your employees not only feel the benefits of anti-fatigue matting, but you also see a good return on the investment, which is important for any business case. For product selection, you can also use MatBrain™ our clever little AI matting expert. It’s accessible via or our mobile app ‘Mats in Mind’, which can be downloaded free from the major app stores.

Fatigue relief for Food Processing, Healthcare and Pharma

One of the newest products introduced is an innovative floor mat designed to improve comfort to those who stand for prolonged periods where hygiene is imperative.

Hygimat® has been developed using a revolutionary ‘gel foam’ material that combines high levels of underfoot comfort with durability, relieving the pressure from standing. Its anti-microbial properties make it a hygienic choice for environments such as hospitals, food manufacturing sites, catering areas and clean rooms.

Specialist mats

Some applications, such as welding bays or workplaces that are sensitive to static electricity also require dedicated fatigue solutions, and this is when having one of the widest product ranges on the market comes in handy. For welders we have anti-fatigue matting products such as Diamond Tread that extinguish flames on the top surface, and protect the softer comfort layer underneath. One of the biggest risks to businesses that work with electronic components is static electricity, and we have a number of standing mats such as COBAelite® ESD that dissipate electric charge thanks to their material composition. This is complimented with a range of ESD accessories designed to ground the user.

Fatigue relief in wet and oily environments

Certain working environments are prone to wet or oily conditions and depending on the motion of workers or the cleaning regime it may be practical to have mats that allow liquids to drain through. All of COBA’s matting solutions can be used in dry environments, including the new Orthomat® Comfort Plus and COBAelite® Diamond, however there are several options designed especially for wet areas, such as Tough Deck MK3 and Fatigue Lock. Further to this, products such as Fatigue Lock have the added benefit of resistance to oils and chemicals, making them ideal for demanding kitchen or engineering locations.

Social Distancing in the workplace

The Orthomat® Social Distancing Anti Fatigue Mat encourages employee safety by communicating social distancing rules clearly. The bold graphics are printed to the mat’s surface using a UV curing process, providing superior colour reproduction and durability.

Speak to one of COBA’s matting experts today and discover why matting could make all the difference in your workplace.


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