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Nitrogen and oxygen are used in many industrial and medical fields. However, the supply often poses a problem. In remote regions the supply of large quantities in particular cannot be guaranteed. Nitrogen and oxygen generators from the German company Inmatec offer the possibility of generating the gases directly on site from the ambient air – in any desired quantity.

Nitrogen plays an important role, especially as an inert gas. Inmatec nitrogen generators with Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology filter sterile compressed air in two containers filled with a carbon molecular sieve. Oxygen and carbon dioxide molecules from the ambient air are bound in the sieve while the free nitrogen molecules are fed into a product tank. The nitrogen produced has a purity of 95% to 99.9999% (6.0), depending on the generator and application, and can be produced in quantities of up to 10,000 Nm3/h. The newly developed PNC technology from INMATEC increases the efficiency of the PSA technology used by means of an innovative flow technology combined with advanced vortex technology. In this way, significantly more nitrogen can be obtained with less compressed air, saving energy and costs. An alternative technology for generating smaller amounts of nitrogen with a purity of up to 99.5% is membrane technology. For this, air is pressed through a hollow fiber. Due to their molecular structure, water vapor, oxygen, noble gases and carbon dioxide contained in the air diffuse through the membrane, while nitrogen flows out at the end of the hollow fiber.

The range of applications for nitrogen is very broad. For example, the use of nitrogen prevents explosions in mining. High concentrations of mine gas and dry dust can lead to spontaneous inflammations underground. To minimize this risk, e.g. parts of a tunnel that are not used by personnel are covered with nitrogen. The highly inert gas displaces the oxygen present and makes explosions more difficult. In addition, it is common practice to extinguish fires that break out in mining or tunneling by quickly inserting with nitrogen.

In the oil and gas industry, nitrogen is also used to prevent the risk of fire and explosion. One field of application is the headspace blanketing of oil tanks in refineries or oil tankers. When oil is withdrawn from storage tanks, the oil level in the tank drops. The head space in the oil tank is simultaneously rendered inert with N2. Chemical reactions that can lead to inflammation are avoided in this way. In tank cleaning tanks are emptied and blown out with nitrogen to avoid inflammatory reactions between oil residues and cleaning agents.

In addition, nitrogen is used in many other industries and applications, including aircraft technology, laser applications, packaging and storage of food, manufacture of plastics, electronics production, chemistry, pharmaceuticals and the metal industry, to name a few.

Inmatec’s oxygen generators also have PSA technology and filter sterile compressed air in a zeolite molecular sieve. They generate pure oxygen with a purity of up to 95% in quantities of up to 2,000 Nm3 per hour. The generators of the POC Med series are designed and developed according to the strict quality management requirements of ISO 13485: 2016 and ISO 7396-1: 2016. They are certified according to the Medical Device Directive 93/42 / EEC and the gas quality of the oxygen produced corresponds to the standards of the European Pharmacopeia (Pharmacopoeia) for medical applications.

The oxygen generated with the help of the generators can, among other things, be used in the context of the medical treatment of patients. The fast and constant availability of oxygen is often a matter of life and death. Ensuring the oxygen supply is therefore a top priority in stationary and mobile medicine. Numerous hospitals worldwide are already using Inmatec oxygen generators to generate oxygen on site. This is e.g. used for anesthesia in the operating room. In addition, bottles are often filled with the generator. These are used in hospital rooms and mobile emergency vehicles to ventilate patients. The on-site generation of oxygen is the optimal solution for medical facilities in regions with poor infrastructure, as the self-generated oxygen ensures a continuous supply at all times.

Other fields of application for oxygen include fish farming, drinking water treatment, various welding processes, the production of pharmaceutical products and the operation of biogas plants.

The Inmatec generators can be fully integrated and are equipped with the latest measurement and sensor technology. The logged data of all relevant operating values can be conveniently read out via an optional Touch Control Panel. Thanks to innovative remote control technology, you have full control at all times via computer, tablet or smartphone – from anywhere in the world.

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