Pipeline Intrusion Detection Systems


IntelliView has engineered the intelligent vision technology that increases the industry’s leak and fire mitigation response at aboveground product transfer (piping, controlling, metering, and pumping), processing and storage systems.

Our reliable, industry proven solution provides continuous monitoring and automated real-time detection and reporting through the combined capabilities of thermal imaging and a suite of advanced AI and deep machine learning software that are patented/proprietary. The technology generates alarms with visual evidence and high accuracy, which enable remote offsite confirmation and fast response which may be in the form of remote shutdown.

By using the technology, operators can mitigate leak impacts, including clean-up costs, fines, environmental harm, worker and site safety concerns, and reputation damage.  Additional benefits are time and cost savings resulting from significant reduction in expensive confirmatory and routine site inspections.

Moreover, designing the IIOT platform with scalability, adaptability and interoperability in mind offers a multitude of advantages. Processing power is applied at the edge – which minimizes network bandwidth consumption, especially critical at remote sites – and optionally at the control centre to further filter incoming alarms and reduce false positives.  The ruggedized technology is suitable for a wide range of climates (extreme winter and summer) and comes in a certified explosion-proof equivalent for hazardous sites. The camera system can be deployed for single site as well as enterprise-wide applications, enabling streamlined monitoring of hundreds of hundreds of distributed assets from a single system console, and integrated with third-party systems and networks (e.g.: SCADA).

PRODUCTS DETECTED: petroleum products (gasoline, diesel, crude oil, fuel oil, kerosene, bitumen, diluent), wet hydrocarbons (NGLs), LNGs, steam, water, processed water, brine, methane gas, and more.

SITES MONITORED: remote and/or partially manned aboveground facilities, including, well sites, pumping and pigging stations, block valve sites, gathering lines, storage and terminals, processing plants, offshore platforms, and more.

APPLICATIONS: liquid and gas leak detection, intrusion/wildlife detection, temperature monitoring, and fire/flame detection.

Our mission is to empower the industry with vision technology solutions that make operations safer, greener and more efficient while reducing costs.

Backed by nearly two decades of research and development and driven by continued innovation, IntelliView has cemented its place as technology leader and trusted partner by energy industry majors. IntelliView solutions are installed at onshore and offshore facilities in North America and beyond. As the inventors and owners of our technology, we have the ability to quickly customize solutions to meet the unique and complexrequirements of customers and the industry.



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