Tramp Metal Detectors Trip on high grade Ores?


A reliable Tramp Metal Detection system is vital in assisting mining companies to eliminate damages caused to machinery by pieces of unwanted tramp metals. Such system would save mines costly downtime and repairs to the damaged processing equipment such as crushers, conveyors and mills.

Unfortunately, many available tramp metal detectors false trip on ores such as copper, iron ore, manganese, vanadium and even coal with pyrite, etc. It happens because these metal detectors cannot differentiate between solid pieces of tramp metal and the metal content in the ores.

No false trips

This detector has latest technology set of basic features and is designed to operate in a very wide and difficult range of applications. It proved to perform externally well where other detectors were false tripping due to metallic properties of the ores.

Superior performance

PJ Tech has the solution in form of their SMART-100 Tramp Metal Detector. This technologically advanced system detects magnetic and non-magnetic pieces of tramp metal while ignoring conductive and even some magnetic properties of various ores. This detector is gaining its reputation within international mining industry due to its unique performance as well as robust construction.

Unlike many other detectors, it is even compatible with steel corded conveyor belts as well as the belts where steel clips are used for splicing.

Antenna Search Assembly with Clip Detector & Spray Arm

Robust construction

The transmitter and receiver antennas are manufactured to withstand even the harshest environments. They are encased in impact resistant, weatherproof fibreglass and supported by 316 S/S frame.  The upper antenna swings away to protect from large overburdens.

Control unit is mounted in additional protection box with see-through door (for ease of monitoring) and field terminals and circuit breakers.

Overall, it is the most advanced and robust tramp metal detection system available worldwide that can be used in a very wide and difficult range of applications. More and more clients replace their current tramp metal detectors with SMART-100 due to its performance and no false alarms.


Marking Device

Marks the exact location of metal by means of bright colorant spray (50L tank). This feature helps to find and remove buried metals that in turn saves search time thus improving production.

Clip Detector

Allows the use of metal detector on conveyor belt using metal splices/joins.

Swing Away Antenna

Protects transmitter antenna from damage by oversized rocks.


SMART 100 tramp metal detector systems are made to suit each user’s particular application. Each detector system is subjected to extensive testing both at the sub-assembly level and after final assembly to ensure best performance and compliance of electrical safety standards.

Quick delivery:

Usually, it takes a few weeks for a manufacturer of tramp metal detectors to complete a purchase order.

PJ Tech’s average production lead-time is usually less than a week per detector. It is possible due to sufficient stock keeping.


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