Animal Satellite Trackers


Beegle animal tracking devices are a new generation of pure-satellite animal trackers based on the Iridium communication network. They operate independently of any ground infrastructure and are therefore well suited to deployments where relying on ground networks is not viable, including for cross-border migratory animals. The Iridium Satellite network consists of Low Earth Orbiting satellites, resulting in at least one satellite in view between horizons  at all times. This high-availability network is well suited to tracking when reliability is important. The orbiting nature of satellites improves the probability of a successful transmission in all terrain, including with steep cliffs or in valleys where geostationary satellites may struggle due to obscured satellite visibility. Beegle Trackers also allow for 2-way communication, providing over-the-air ability to change or update settings (such as update intervals) as and when required.

Beegle trackers are smaller and lighter weight than competitors, thanks to high-efficiency solar cells that top up the internal rechargeable battery. The trackers are able to automatically increase and decrease power consumption in order to optimise transmission success rate whilst keeping the battery in an optimal state of charge. In the event of little to no sun, the internal battery is able to power the unit for up to 2 weeks, entering hibernation mode until there is enough light to begin charging again. There are also primary cell based options where solar is not practical, such as with elephants which cover themselves with mud/sand.

Various form factors are available, suitable for various animal species. These include birds (pelvis and shoulder mounts available weighing just 55g), ostrich, crocodiles and similar reptiles, and collars of various sizes, suitable for many species of antelope and predators. A number of optional sensors are available, including a multi-axis accelerometer and pressure sensor for submersion data (time and depth underwater), which is mainly used for crocodiles. Our amphibious designs are able to withstand 300m of water pressure which make them suitable for some species of turtle. An optional VHF transmitter is also available for all devices.

All information transmitted from our trackers to our servers is encrypted and therefore remains completely secure. Our back-end server allows for the tracking data to be published to practically any 3rd party front-end application supporting a REST API. Customers may also make use of existing front-end applications such as Movebank and EarthRanger for our systems integrate. As an alternative, we have an in-house front end application for customers who may prefer.

The design of the electronics, firmware, server-side functionality and industrial design are all performed in-house. This allows full control over the data path from device to front-end, eliminating reliance on any 3rd party which introduces reliability risk.

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