FUCHS offers a range of high-performance refrigeration oils for HVAC applications


A major cause of reduced efficiency in refrigeration equipment is using conventional refrigeration oils as opposed to the specialised synthetic lubricants required for heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) applications. “A failure to use the correct refrigeration oils can result in leaks, reduced filter lifespan, and increased energy consumption,” says Gerald Langley, Sales Representative – Commercial at FUCHS LUBRICANTS SOUTH AFRICA.

To educate the market as to what are the best products to use, and to make the HVAC segment aware of the full FUCHS’ product and service offering in this niche industry, the company was a proud exhibitor at FRIGAIR Expo 2022 at the Gallagher Convention Centre in Midrand from 1 to 3 June. The largest dedicated HVAC trade exhibition in Africa and held last in 2018, FRIGAIR is organised in partnership with the South African Institute of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (SAIRAC).

Apart from being able to run in a temperature range from minus 45°C up to 80°C to 100°C, these specialised oils must also be compatible with the different types of gases used in refrigeration units. Such units range from ordinary compressors to automotive air-con compressors, with FUCHS supplying major OEMs such as Scania and MAN.

“Our main focus, however, is on major industrial applications,” says Langley. It runs the gamut from refrigerated trucks to standard and industrial fridges and includes carbon dioxide (CO2) compressors. While standard mineral oils have traditionally been used, the latest trend highlights the increasingly important role of synthetics oils due to their increased lifespan and reduced service intervals, which assists in reducing costs and boosting return on investment.

Products on display at FRIGAIR included FUCHS RENISO 32, 46 and 68 high-quality Naphthenic mineral lubricating oils designed for the lubrication of refrigeration and air-conditioning compressors, featuring good chemical stability when working with commonly used refrigerants. In addition, RENISO TRITON SEZ 68 is a fully synthetic, ester-based refrigeration oil for fluorinated HFC and HFO refrigerants such as R134a, R404A, R507, R407C, R410A, R1234yf, and R1234ze.

Depending on the viscosity, the refrigeration oils are recommended for hermetical, semi-hermetical, and open piston compressors and for screw-type and turbo-compressors. RENISO TRITON SEZ 22, on the other hand, is especially suited for deep-freeze systems operating with R23. RENISO C 85 is a synthetic refrigeration oil based on special polyolesters with anti-wear additives for use with CO2 as the refrigerant in subcritical and transcritical applications.

“While the refrigeration industry is quite niche, it is worthwhile for us to be represented at a major expo like FRIGAIR, especially as many of our customers only know our products through key distributors such as Metraclark and not the company itself. This gives us the opportunity to engage with end users and introduce them to the full spectrum of products we can offer for the complete value chain,” concludes Lesley Barnard, Commercial Inland Sales Representative at FUCHS LUBRICANTS SOUTH AFRICA.

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“FRIGAIR Expo 2022 gave us the opportunity to engage with end users and introduce them to the full spectrum of products we offer for the complete value chain.” – Lesley Barnard, Commercial Inland Sales Representative, FUCHS LUBRICANTS SOUTH AFRICA


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