RISK MANAGEMENT INSIGHT published by Teytan holdings, is Africa’s premier risk management magazine which provides updates of news and analysis on topical issues of national and international importance in risk management in southern Africa. It is a publication which links the technology and innovations applied in all sectors to the field experience of professionals of this area
RISK MANAGEMENT INISIGHT editorial content is built around its dedicated industry sector sections, which gets into the guts of real issues. The magazine also analyses sectoral issues involving insurance, assurance, banking, security, auditing, reinsurance, safety, health and social security.

RISK MANAGEMENT INSIGHT is a content rich and information driven magazine with its unique style of presentation. It provides a comprehensive information on the Market and industry, economic and policy issue, scientific advances, new risk-input products, latest technology and latest news and analysis on the development in risk management.


Hundreds of thousands of people browse and skim through risk management business and investment news on daily basis. It has been noted that there is an ever growing thirst for industry and allied information
This growing trend communicates that the business and investment sectors are realising the undeniable role of risk management as a growing asset class it is also apparent that the world is increasing seeing the role of risk management as an indispensable tool in security, management, safety, health and loss control and a solution to loss recording on organisations, private property holders and the public in general which is a spelling doom for major Africa cities, if not global.

The philosophy of Risk Management Insight is not to ordinary satiate this thirst for risk management information and cash in on advertisers and readers but to provide a Risk management –Intelligence –Hub, a mutually beneficial network of varied players in the risk management business, investments and allied sectors. Over the past years we have seen the Hub develop beyond our initial intentions.

Besides being a source of valuable industry information. Risk Management Insight provides networking and learning opportunities through prime conferences and business meet-ups. The Risk Management Insight is a worth read, great meet-up in print and investment window. The journal, by design, offers advertisers unparalleled exposure to a captive audience and at the same time offering intelligence to the same audience.